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Magnetic drive deviation winder
With deviation magnet plate, the machine can realize online winding speed adjusting, so as to synchronize the speed with the linear speed of the main machine. The main parts are produced in CNC machines. The winding speed is more than 280m/min.
Arrangement: face to face or back to back 

Main technical

Single spindle motor power
Max.winding speed 280m/mi Revolution of the motor 2800r/min
Max.wind diameter 160mm Length of traverse 203m
Weft of wind string 60~280 Sigle spindle board dimension 477×330mm
AC 380V or 220V/440V Sigle spindle weight 21Kg
Power frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Size for the winding Pipe 35-38(Inside diameter)×220-230(Length)mm
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