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SJPL-GS series flat film tape extruder
SJPL-GS series flat film tape extruder is the reference of foreign advanced equipment, weaving in the production of PP as the raw material of plastic bags flat design, energy saving type variable high speed winder, Production speed, high output, saving energy, quality better。
Application: using PP as a raw material for chemical fertilizer, plastic woven bag, cement, chemical raw materials, food packaging
Changzhou Huasheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Clock Tower Zone, is the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of woven products and Changzhou City Chamber of Commerce members, adjacent to the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing, is the Yangtze River Delta area, the Soviet Union, tin, often economically developed regions, transportation is very convenient.
The company is specialized in manufacturing plastic machinery products. At present, production...